Global building exposure model for earthquake risk assessment


The global building exposure model is a mosaic of local and regional models with information regarding the residential, commercial, and industrial building stock at the smallest available administrative division of each country and includes details about the number of buildings, number of occupants, vulnerability characteristics, average built-up area, and average replacement cost. We aimed for a bottom-up approach at the global scale, using national statistics, socio-economic data, and local datasets. This model allows the identification of the most common types of construction worldwide, regions with large fractions of informal construction, and areas prone to earthquakes with a high concentration of population and building stock. The mosaic of exposure models presented herein can be used for the assessment of probabilistic seismic risk and earthquake scenarios. Information at the global, regional, and national levels is available through a public repository (, which will be used to maintain, update and improve the models.

Earthquake Spectra, 39(4)
Nicole Paul
Nicole Paul
PhD Student

Researching population displacement in disasters